Spelling Rules of Abstracts

The symposium is open to domestic and foreign researchers and academicians.

The participants may send the abstract of research declaration consisting of 250-300 words and including target, method, source and possible findings to till 22 August 2017.

The scope and main purposes must be mentioned in the abstract, the used method must be identified, the findings must be summarized and the main consequences must be specified.

The abstracts which are appropriate to the conditions of the symposium have fulfilled the scientific conditions and have the original study shall be evaluated by Symposium Science Board.

The evaluations of board members shall be in the form of approved/revised/rejected. 

The approved studies shall be announced on 8 September 2017.

The appliers whose notifications presentation has been accepted will have free transportation and accommodations

Full Text

The full text of the selected abstract which is prepared in Word format must be sent to till 28 September 2017. 
All texts will be reviewed by Symposium Science Board for their conformity to scientific conditions. Symposium program will be announced on 03 October 2017. 

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