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Subject Headings to be discussed in symposium

• 15 July: Events, Processes, Heroes, Political Consequences
• Turkish Political System After 15 July
• The effect of 15 July on Global Order
• Reflections of 15 July 15 on the Western World
• Reflections of 15 of July in Islamic World
• 15 July  and Democracy
• 15 July and Media
• World and Coup Order
• Coup Sociology
• Practice of Struggling with coups
• Actors, Processes and Events of Coups
• Coup Economy and the Effects of Coups on Economy
• Coups and Civil Society Organizations
• Coups and Political Institutions
• Coups in Turkey and the Middle East and their consequences
• Civil - Military Relations
• Islam and the West (Islamophobia)
• Islam and Democracy
• Virtual Movements and Social Media
• Terror and Prosecution wars in the Middle East
• Fetullahçı Terrorist Organization (FETO)
• FETO and Religion
• FETO and Education Structuring

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